Spicing Up Salads For Summer

It feels like summer is finally here, which can only mean one thing, summer holidays! If you’re lucky enough to be going away, or just having a weekend staycation, indulgence is just around the corner.

To balance out the indulgence here are some tips for jazzing up those summer salads for a mid-week, very brief, health kick! 

Play around with protein 

Protein is an amazing way to make your salad keep you fuller for longer. Don’t be afraid to mix it up by finding some different protein sources. Try roasting a tin of chickpeas that you’ve drained and tossed in oil at 180 degrees celsius for 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes or so, for a crispy addition to your salad. This is a great alternative to croutons as well as packing a protein punch. 

Keep it seasonal 

The freshest fruit and veg will give you the best possible nutrients. If something is cheaper in your local market or on promotion at the local supermarket, chances are it’s currently in season so buy in bulk.

Taste the rainbow

Salads can easily feel boring, samey and repetitive and before you know it you’ll be reaching for something else. A lot of your appetite and satisfaction is visual so keep it fun and challenge yourself to add plenty of foods from different colour groups. The advantage of taking foods that are different colours is this tends to mean you’re getting different vitamins and nutrients.

Feeling fruity? 

Fruit is a great addition to a savoury salad to add a fantastic contrast to meats, cheeses, or nuts. Play around with adding fruits like peaches, melons, cherries, apple, or grapes. Think watermelon and feta, figs and parma ham, grape and walnut, or melon and mozzarella. 

Dress it up

Salad dressings can easily pile on the calories to your salad. Try and be careful with portion sizes and season salads with salt, pepper, chilli to add additional guilt-free flavour. A high-quality balsamic is a great option; choose a vinegar with a density of 1.25 or above and avoid a balsamic reduction for a naturally thick dressing. 

Feeling like you want something zingy and different? Try Elly Pear’s Golden Amazing Sauce, which features in Fast Days and Feast Days is only 20 calories a portion and packs a punch. 

Written by Alice Louise Hargreaves 
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