10 Things To Keep In Your Bedside Table- Surviving Chronic Illness

If you’re like me, then you can often wake up to find that although your mind it telling you to get up and get going! Your body is just… nope. It’s hard when you have a chronic illness and your bed becomes something that you loathe to be in and not the restful and calming space that it should be.

Here is a handy guide to help make those days and nights in bed a little easier- with 10 things you should have within hands reach of your bed.

Chewing gum/ minty spray

Fresh breath is a must in the morning for switching your mind to telling you that you have woken up for the day. It helps you keep fresh, which is a little step in the right direction to feeling comfortable and less grimey.

Hair ties/ soft headband

Bed head? Not managed to wash your hair in a few days? Rake your fingers through your hair and tie it up on top of your head. Voila. Bed head chic. Greasy and knotted hair on top of your head means you don’t have to think about it. It’s out of the way and no longer a distraction.

Eye mask

A luxury silk eye mask which is gentle on the skin and keeps out any light. Perfect for staying asleep if you are easily woken up by light in the morning. It is also great for those afternoon naps, when you just need to switch off with no sensory distractions and rest.

Eye-mask, Moisturiser and sleep spray you can find in my bedside table @Rachaelmole

Eye-mask, Moisturiser and sleep spray you can find in my bedside table @Rachaelmole

Lavender sleep spray

Falling asleep can be hard, no matter how exhausted you have felt during the day. We chronic warriors often take a lot of medication during the day, so if I can help it, a natural sleep aid is what I reach for. Lavender is a calming scent which is proven to aid in falling asleep. A good night’s sleep is the first step to waking up and rolling out of bed.

If getting out of bed isn’t possible, then you can use your scented spray to freshen up your bed sheets and pillows too.


If it’s a night where the lavender just won’t cut it, melatonin is a great natural sleep aid. It is the hormone which your body produces during it’s sleep cycle that makes us feel sleepy. I would recommend getting it prescribed from your GP, but you can get it over the counter too.


I keep my basic painkillers all over the house, and my bedside table is no exception. Being pain free while falling asleep makes for a better nights sleep. Pain can also be the difference between getting out of bed and standing up- or not. Being awake and in pain is also not fun. So make sure whatever you take to help your pain, is reachable from your bed.


The perfect multipurpose tool I couldn’t’ be without. Perfect for dry skin and chapped lips, massaging aching muscles and giving yourself a relaxing facial to help keep stress low and relax. Target those pressure points on your feet, hands and face to help yourself feel just that little bit better.

Daily tablets

There is no point in keeping them anywhere but where you wake up. It’s OK to keep your morning ones next to your bed, but in the event that the morning turns into all day then you’re stuck. Keeping them next to my bed and sorted into pods also helps me see how many days I have made up and when I need to hand in my prescription for my next load.

Notebook and Pen

Jot down things so you remember them- hello brain fog!- and a good few hours of entertainment for those bed days, where your eyes are tired from looking at your phone screen and you want to feel as though you have actually accomplished something. Write a short story, poem, doodle, write lists and word mood boards- it’s up to your imagination!  

Phone Charger

Now I am pretty sure that everyone will have one of these next to their bed already, but keeping your phone alive is a huge step in making sure those in bed days are bearable. Phone a friend for a chat, text your other half to tell them you’re OK and going to need a bit of TLC when they get home.

You can read limitless books on the kindle app, listen to podcasts on audible that are interesting and make you think, or funny and make you laugh. Play games with friends and family or beat your own record on your favourite mobile game… and if it all gets a bit much, put on some slow classical music, lay back with your face mask on and just breathe.

Written by Rachael Mole, who can be found on Instagram and Twitter @rachaelmole.

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