Self- Care for Self- Sabotaging Habits

If you could make a list of habits that you would like to change, what would you write down? 

We all have bad habits that we wish we could break, and yet it’s not so much about when to break them, it’s more about how to start. I’m not necessarily talking about spending too long in the shower or the fact that you tag your friends in about 50 memes a day. I’m talking about the habits that sometimes lead you to feel unlike yourself.

Some of these habits listed below can have a detrimental effect on your personal progress and well-being. Here are some ways to start thinking about how to begin breaking them.



Sometimes comparison is unavoidable, but we do tend to place unnecessary pressure on ourselves. In an age where social media paints pictures of what life ‘should’ be like, it is hard to escape such pressure. We only seem to look at the ‘best bits’ of everybody’s lives and assume that everyone has it all figured out behind closed doors, but the truth is, they don’t.

Maybe you’ve just seen that your friend has got a promotion. Does this mean that you won’t get one too? Does it detract the experience that you’ve gained from your job? Or, if you find that all your close friends are getting into relationships, does that really mean you have to be? Does it mean you can’t also fill your life with love?

Awareness is key for comparison. When you feel your thoughts spiralling, just try and remember  that there is no race. Another’s success does not define your own success. Don’t be looking around to see what everyone else is doing. Keep your own goals and values as your priority,  Your own combination of experiences, interests and emotions are unique to you. EMBRACE THAT. 



Do you ever get home after work and slump on your bed, heading straight for social media? After having caught up on these apps, do you refresh and scroll some more? 


If, like me you have an addiction to refreshing your phone, despite it making you feel a bit gross, it may be worth reducing your screen time. Luckily with modern technology, many phones now have settings that can manually sort this out for you placing time and app restrictions. 

Even if you don’t have this option, just try and be mindful of your scrolling, catch yourself in the act. Put your phone down, step away into a different room and go and stick the kettle on. It’ll reduce the temptation!



This habit is a strange one because in many ways, it’s just your mind’s way of proving that you care. Because of this natural need to please, we sometimes struggle to find the line between helping someone out and being taken advantage of. Boundaries must be put in place in order to protect your own well-being.

If you find yourself putting your own needs on a back burner for others, try to be objective. Is this thing, this issue (whatever it might be) bringing any benefit, happiness or joy to me? Is this helping me learn? Or am I punishing myself by trying to accommodate the needs of others?

Ultimately, it is not your job to fix other people and their problems. You can of course be helpful, but do not harm your health trying to work at something that is dragging you down. 


 We always joke about this one, but if procrastination gets too much it can sabotage your chances of pushing for and achieving your goals. The question to ask yourself today is, what am I putting off that I really need to do to make progress towards my goal? 

Self-discipline certainly doesn’t come overnight and setbacks are common. Even doing something as simple as 5 to 10 minutes of planning towards your goal is a step in the right direction. Say you were supposed to wake up at 7 AM to complete that task, but you wake up later than anticipated- don’t just give up on the task entirely. It is important to remember that there are 24 hrs in a day. A little bit of productivity is still better than nothing. 

I challenge you this month to be more mindful of these habits and start replacing them with a positive, ‘you-first’ attitude and understanding. It’ll go a long way, I promise! 

Written by Em Hope