Generation Maybe

The other day I checked out the attendee list of an event I was hosting and realised that a great amount of the attendees had replied with “interested” or “maybe” attending.

Maybe attending?

Does your attendance depend on how you feel that day? Or are you are waiting for a more interesting offer and don't want to make me feel bad for not attending- because you did only say “maybe” attending?

Generation Maybe - we bring our homemade lunches into work but also bring in money, because, maybe, a burger will be more tempting when lunchtime comes. We make plans but never really decide on a date or time.

“We have to meet up for drinks!”... “Yes, let's do it soon.” (Aka never.) And we both know it.

What is the meaning of the maybe button on these events? Is this what our generation has become? Not saying yes or no, we respond with “maybe” because maybe on the day of the event, when we don't feel like going we haven't completely rejected the offer and we won't feel bad not showing up. We’ve left the door half open just in case.

We are also a generation of convenience, swipe and tap, things to happen in an instant. We want our food delivered within 20 minutes. We want the amazon order to come within a day. We want a date that night. We want to watch a whole season in the same day. But for some reason we just can't get our friends to commit to an event.

Our generation - the maybe generation.

The generation that prefers to keep our promises vague so that we are allowed to break them if we want to. Because a ‘maybe’ doesn't really mean that you've promised anything. We can maybe do that, maybe meet up, maybe attend…

When i invite you over for dinner, Is it a yes or no? A maybe just won't cut it. I need to know how much pasta I'm cooking…  

By @itsamliakoko

City Girl