10 Things You Think Before Starting Yoga

You've signed up to your first yoga class in a moment of “I've really got to get my shit together”-ness. You're excited, this is going to be the “NEW ME” you think. But then the fear sets in...

You’re not alone! We asked Brighton Girls to share some of the worries and thoughts they had before their first yoga session.

1.  “What if I'm so relaxed I fart unexpectedly!?”

YOGA 1.gif


2. “Um, I definitely can't bend that way!”


YOGA 2.gif

3.  “Am I going to have to chant and align my chakras?”

YOGA 3.gif


4.  “How many times do I have to do this to justify buying a million colourful sports bras and leggings?”

YOGA 4.gif


5.  “Is there actually any difference between the eight types of yoga that studio offers? And what the hell do I pick?”

YOGA 5.gif


6. “How many sessions till I look like Gwyneth Paltrow?”

YOGA 6.gif


7. “What am I supposed to wear? Is this baggy t-shirt ok? Oh god, downward-facing dog, DEFINITELY NOT”

YOGA 7.gif


8. “What am I supposed to think about when they tell me to empty my mind? I mean, I can't think of nothing. Am I supposed to think of not thinking? Am I actually overthinking not thinking?”

YOGA 8.gif


9. “This better be 45 minutes max with no attempts at handstands”

YOGA 9.gif


10.  "Am I doing this right? Oh, god I bet I'm doing this wrong. Let me try again - oh no it's a different position now, BUT I DIDN'T EVEN DO THE LAST ONE RIGHT"

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Written by Kitty.