5 Tourist Things To Do In Brighton

Brighton Pavilion

You can’t picture Brighton without the pavilion, it’s the most iconic part of the city. While you may have gazed at the beautiful architecture from the outside, likelihood is you’ve never been inside.

Inside you can see the beautifully ornate kitchen, bedrooms and galleries belonging to the neo-classical villa. It’s £13 for an adult ticket but you can get an all-year round discount for being a Brighton resident, now you have no excuse not to visit.


The Pier

Perhaps understandably, the pier is for many people an absolute nightmare. Loud noises, flashing lights, children - but if you go at the right time, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

The light gambling thrill in a two-penny shove will take you right back to childhood. So what if you spend £3 trying to win a plastic keyring that costs 5p to make? It’s about the journey, not the destination.


The Lanes

The Lanes are far more popular with tourists than the North Laine (or maybe it just seems that way because the streets are so much smaller). Think bright colours, photograph worthy graffiti and small independent shops not to be missed!

Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Brighton is host to quite a few museums, but the toy and model museum is definitely the most exciting. Hidden under Brighton Railway Station, it is host to over ten thousand toys from around the world.

Entry is also cheap, only costing £6.50 for an adult ticket. Before you know it you’ll have spent a whole afternoon admiring the train sets and antiques.

The Marina

Brighton Marina can seem like a strange faraway place for Brighton residents, but the ever-expanding complex is worth visiting.

It’s notable for its many eateries but what is the real draw is the activities you can do there. The marina is host to a bowling alley, a 24 hour casino and perhaps most excitingly, a dinosaur themed glow in the dark mini golf course.