5 Best Coffee Shops In Bristol

Roll for the Soul

Quay Street

With a big cycling culture it’s no surprise that Bristol would have a community bike cafe. It is home to good coffee and even better vegetarian food so you’ll definitely want to pay a visit. Keep it wheel.

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Cafe Kino

Stokes Croft

This place is known for it’s chill atmosphere and wide variety of vegan food. The jewel in it’s crown is the cakes so make sure you grab yourself a slice to pair with some delectable coffee.

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Small St. Espresso

Small Street

If you love fresh, delicious coffee then Small St. Espresso is the cafe for you. They roast their own coffee using only the best beans from around the world; small by name but big on flavour.

Playground Coffee House

St Nicholas St

It’s called playground because you can sip your coffee whilst sitting on a swing, pretty cool right? This arty cafe is a must-do if you like a damn fine cup of coffee and instagrammable spaces. Just don’t swing too hard and scald yourself.

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Blue Pig Cafe

Colston Ave

Blue Pig are famous for their Russian pancakes, but also for their wonderful coffee. A cafe for the eco-warrior as all their coffee drinks are made from locally sourced ingredients.

Written by Amy Johnson,.