5 Things To Do In Brighton This Summer (On A Budget)

The summer has gone by to fast — again! And it will end even quicker, but there is still time to enjoy the last drops of summer, before the lovely autumn evenings.

August is the time when we realise that summer has passed us by quickly, but don’t worry! There is still time to fit in everything you said you wanted to do!  While the weather is still warm, the town is swarming with language students and hen parties, and most Brightonians need a little breather. 

So what do you do when you’ve already been to the beach and the pubs a thousand times, the pier is old news and the Pavilion does not stand out anymore—you’ve been to Devil’s Dyke and Seven Sisters; what else is there to do? 

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Brighton’s beloved art gallery in the town centre is perfect for those rainy and windy days when the beach just won’t do.

Fabrica is a well-known contemporary art gallery, and is inviting all visitors this summer to create art with them and with their artists. Every day more art is created by visitors, and this communal art will be showcased in the gallery for everyone to enjoy. 

The exhibition is called ‘Putting Ourselves in the Picture’ and is running until August 26th. 

Fabrica also holds regular talks, exhibitions and film screenings which are not to be missed — head to their webpage to find out more.

Fabrica is open daily from 1pm - 6pm, 2pm - 6pm on Sundays, and perfect for all ages. Not to mention, it’s free admission!

Be sure to visit them at: 40 Duke Street, BN1 1AG.

Brighton beach box is a horse trailer converted into a sauna. Photo by Saara-Maria Salonen

Brighton beach box is a horse trailer converted into a sauna. Photo by Saara-Maria Salonen

Brighton Beach Box Sauna

Premiered in Brighton Fringe 2017, Brighton Beach Box Sauna is here to stay.

This amazing addition to activities on Brighton beach will leave you happy and sweaty. Leave your image of gym saunas at home and head to this amazing, authentic Finnish wood-burning sauna on the beach. 

If the weather is warmer than you would like sauna weather to be, fear not — this sauna is all about contrasts. Do sauna the Finnish way: have a little sauna session, dip into the sea, go back in and enjoy the wide range of scrubs and scents. Then dip again.

Prices vary, the regular prize being £15 for a 60 minute session.

Found at: 299 Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1EN.

Rent a kayak

Missed paddle-around-the-pier? Don´t worry, just go on your own! Plenty of places rent kayaks for as cheap as 15 quid an hour, which is just enough time to get tired arms and a little bit sunburnt. Pay a bit (a lot) more and you can even rent a jet ski, but using your own muscle power to paddle through the sea is a much more satisfying feeling!

Hove lagoon offers amazing opportunities for windsurfing, paddle boarding and dinghy hire for those who need a bit more excitement.

Photo by Saara-Maria Salonen.

Photo by Saara-Maria Salonen.

Walk or cycle to Rottingdean

On a day when it is not too windy — which can be rare here — heading along to Rottingdean is the perfect day out. A beautiful coastal path is easy to access, and one of the most gorgeous walks of Brighton. 

The straight route is perfect for even heavy Brighton bikes, so a high-functioning bike is not necessary. Walking there is easy too, but be prepared to take the bus back. The walk might be long, but the thought of a pint or a lunch in one of Rottingdean’s sweet pubs and restaurants will keep you motivated. - The way to Rottingdean is perfect for a chill walk. Don’t worry if you feel lazy -- you can always turn back at the Marina


Maybe not where you would expect to be on a summer’s day, but if you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, why not help? There are plenty of great and outdoorsy volunteering options in Brighton that do not require early booking, and will definitely make you feel good inside. 

Brighton’s Ocean’s 8 organise themed silent disco beach cleans, so that you can help make Brighton a cleaner space, while shaking your booty and having fun! 

Organisations such as Sussex Wildlife Trust and National Trust offer other outdoorsy volunteering opportunities as well. While a bit unconventional for a summer activity, you can spend some time in the nature, get a nice tan and help your community all at once.

Hopefully this list will help everyone find more activities in Brighton and help you make the most out of the rest of the summer. Whether you are a local or a visitor, this list will give you inspiration to explore more of our wonderful city.

Written by: Saara- Maria Salonen