5 tourist things to do in Bristol


A multi-arts venue that was the UK’s first dedicated media centre when it opened in 1982. It’s home to the appreciation of film, art, theatre and design making it a delightfully stimulating hub. Also, free Wi-fi.

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Clifton Suspension Bridge

The bridge is a defining feature of Bristol and it’s really big so you might find it hard to avoid even if you tried. Even so, you should 100% take some time to marvel at this beautiful bridge and it’s engineering feat.

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Oakham Treasures

Farming and retail memorabilia from the past century may not sound thrilling but it actually is. Oakham Treasures is fascinating and a walk down memory lane, even if you are still young. It’s won quite a few awards as well, just incase you needed proof.

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Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

This museum has 19 galleries over three floors full of wonderful things to see, human feats, natural object and art. There is also allsorts of exhibitions depending on what time of the year you go. They’ve even got their own Bristol dinosaur.

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Floating Harbour

It is one of the busiest and best parts of Bristol that attracts tourists in their hoards. It has a buzzing atmosphere with some of the best vibes in the city, eat, drink and relax down by the canals.