Be More Green In Bristol

Take a stroll up Whiteladies Road and you will encounter an exciting new shop that fits right in with the cities drive to be more environmentally conscious.  

Scoop Wholefoods offers package free food and eco-friendly products with a goal to improve our health as well as protect the planet. Owners Rich Green and Stephie Mizzi, who previously ran Health and Fitness retreats, realised that when faced with mountains of plastic they needed to change the way in which we shop — so they opened Bristol’s largest Zero Waste store. 

bristol green- scoop wholefoods.JPG

This bright and cleverly organised store is split into three sections; household items, dry foods, and a separate room called The Washroom for refillable toiletries so that the fragrances do not affect the dry items. 

Friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help you navigate through one thousand different products, including some that are a little unusual, such as bee pollen, which is supposed to do wonders for hay-fever, asthma and eczema. They even have Kombucha (a fermented tea which is great for the gut) on tap if scooping leaves you a little parched.

Store assistant cypress went through how it all works 

— it couldn't be easier than the 4 step process:

1.Grab a bag/jar & pen

Or pre-weigh your own container

2 Write down the code

 Write down the 3 digit code of each product written in the 


3 Scoop it out

Now scoop out as little or as much as you need

(no food wastage here!)

4. Weigh & Pay 

 Head to the check-out to finish up

(which is quick and easy thanks to the handy little code)

The best part is how affordable it is. Rich explained that they buy in bulk, keeping the cost down which in turn saves customers’ money. He felt it was really important to offer as much as possible for as little as possible. They wanted this way of shopping to be convenient and budget-friendly. And they have achieved just that. 

You don't have to go too far for fresh fruit and veg and chilled foods either —  Better food is just down the road. They offer fresh organic products as well as food for special dietary requirements including vegan,dairy-free, gluten-free and coeliac. Plus, you can finish off your weekly shop with a coffee and a little treat in their café/deli!  

So you can do everything you need without wasting a penny or a plastic bag. Both stores work together to make healthier, waste-free shopping the new norm.

Zero-waste stores like Scoop and Better Food are on the front line of achieving Bristol's green initiative. Waste and Resource Management Strategy report outlines the importance and benefits of a less wasteful lifestyle. Wanting to move towards a more circular economy, maximising repair, re-use, and reduce culture can help us to achieve zero waste by 2025. 

recycling bin.PNG

Bristol recently declared a Climate Emergency, so using these stores as much as possible is becoming increasingly important. 

We are all responsible for the waste we produce. Reducing is the most immediate action we can take it as individuals. A cleaner and greener environment has benefits in a wide range of sectors; health, transport and education. 

Cleaner parks will encourage children to use them, befitting their health as well as social interactions. Cleaner streets will make people want to walk or cycle, lower carbon emissions and give people pride in their city, in turn,lowering anti-social behaviour and crime. 

Choosing to go zero-waste will safeguard our city and our environment for us all, as well as future generations to enjoy. 

Written By Zoë Bondi