Brighton's most Instagram-worthy beer gardens

While the quality of the drink is important, sometimes you do just want to unwind somewhere that’s, well, pretty. Sometimes beer soaked and stained wood paneling just doesn’t cut it. Looks do matter when it comes to Brighton pubs worth Instagramming, so here’s some inspiration for all your feed needs.

The Setting Sun

Windmill St

The views at this pub are second to none and on a sunny day you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the Mediterranean. From this stunning vantage point you can see so much of beautiful Brighton, and the i360.

It’s the perfect spot to instagram the landscape from as the sun sets over the city. Probably where they got the name.

The Dover Castle

Southover St

This one if for the more arty types among us. The inside of the pub is good for those who like a busy frame as behind the bar is so built up with bottles and other objects, but the real star of the show is the garden. Littered with mannequin parts, it’s ideal for delightfully surreal shots of arms rising from the dirt and bushes showing off a lovely set of legs.

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The Walrus

Ship St

You’ll want to visit here soon as the roof terrace provides the ultimate natural lighting to bring out the beauty of the place. It’s the perfect destination for soaking up the summer sun… Definitely one for #nofilter.


St James St

The chic and sophisticated feel of the place makes for the perfect photo set-up. The bold text on the wall is great for those who love a quote, you could even take a selfie next to it and look dramatically into the distance thinking about how you too, want everything. Whatever works for you.




Hove Place

First Ave

Spacious and white, this pub garden has the perfect aesthetic if you’re going for bright and clean. When the sun is out and you’re enjoying a glass or two in the sunshine, you won’t be able to resist Instagramming this beauty.

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