Five Youtube Travel Accounts You Need To Follow

When it comes to holiday inspiration, finding the right place to spend your hard earned money travelling to can sometimes be a difficult decision. The glossy magazines or filtered Instagram pictures of places often don’t meet our expectations- so how do you avoid falling into the trap of travelling trendy? Watch other travellers review and experience the world first! (Or just dream of the day you can afford to travel the world…)

Here are Five of our favourite Youtube travel accounts you need to follow:

Backpacking Bananas

Christianne is a British solo traveller who takes us along on her adventures all over the world. Whether it’s Asia, Australia or Europe, her videos show what it’s like to be a female solo traveller around the globe, alongside stunning imagery and envy-inducing adventures!

Start here: All My Solo Travel Advice | How to Spend Your 1st Week in Australia | Unpacking My Backpack After 6 Months

Evan Edinger Travel

Although Evan is not your typical travel vlogger, he does have a separate channel dedicated to his international adventures. Originally from New Jersey, the YouTube creator has been living in London for a good number of years now, and part of his job includes international travel. On this channel, he takes us along on his adventures, whether it’s dog sledding or Oktoberfest.

Start here: What Actually Happened at Oktoberfest in Munich | Dog Sledding in the Laurentian Mountains, Canada | Joshua Tree Road Trip

Fun For Louis

Louis is the OG travel vlogger. From 2012 to 2018, he was a full-time traveller, documenting his adventures on a daily basis. The Brit, who is now based in LA, still shows us what he’s up to but uses his reach to address other important topics, too. He will also soon release a short documentary about his 2017 flight around the world alongside friend and pilot JP.

Start here: Exploring Inside the Pyramids | It Begins! - World Flight Episode 1 | London2Africa Cycle (playlist)

Raya Was Here

Raya is Louis’ girlfriend. The couple, of course, met through their mutual love for travelling and have been touring the world together ever since. Raya does not only take us along on her travels to destinations such as Hawaii and Cape Town, but also addresses topics such as self-love, compassion and finding a balance in life.

Start here: I Tried Earthing For the First Time | Women of the World Morning Routine | Christmas in Europe // Top Things to Do in Brussels

Max & Lee (+ Occy)

What do you get when you take an Australian guy, a Canadian girl and a cute floofball? Max & Lee + Occy! The van life couple and their four-legged friend have been travelling in their van since September 2017 and have lived many an adventure during that time. Currently, they are taking us round South America, and the scenery will make you want to take the next flight out.