Girls Of Manchester: Charlotte Felton

NAME: Charlotte Felton

JOB TITLE: Business Development Manager at Impossible Bar & Theatre Impossible. Membership and Board Director of Manchester Hospitality Network.

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When and Why did you make Manchester your home? 

I moved to Manchester around 7 years ago, when I was made Deputy Manager of a nightclub in Oldham. For many years I moved around nightclub as a nightclub manager and believed that I should relocate to every town or city that I was appointed in so I could understand and get to know the DNA of that town or city. 

I absolutely fell in love with Manchester, the culture and diversity of the city is amazing. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The hospitality scene is absolutely fantastic. I made the decision that Manchester is where I would settled down and somewhere I would call home, I would never look back. Manchester is my happy place. I’ve made so many friends and built amazing relationships throughout many fantastic networks.

One of my proudest moments that made Manchester home was been invited to sit on the board of Manchester Hospitality Network. Manchester Hospitality is something I am extremely passionate about and to be on such an amazing journey with Becky, Greg and Jake is a honour, friendships have been created that will last forever. 

What makes Manchester special?

The people! Without a doubt the people of Manchester. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, the support Manchester shows each other is unreal.’Madchester’ the city that always rains, a place many call home, a city full of culture, diversity and history, there is always something going on, there is always something to do. A city that is never boring.  

What drives you? 

Success, love and happiness drives me every day: I thrive for success and always put my whole self into everything I do. It gives me pleasure to watch people grow and achieve their goals. 

What are your dreams/ where would you like to be in 5 years?

Business wise I would like to be in a position where I have multiple venues to develop, as well as grown into a Business Development Director position, or potentially an independent Business Consultant where I help a variety of businesses grow. I’m consistently developing in my career and I intend to never stop growing and learning. 

I would love nothing more than Manchester Hospitality Network to be in a position where everyone within the industry is utilising the platform, helping Manchester grow. Manchester Hospitality Network is more than another networking platform, it is a friendship that not only supports businesses but the people within the businesses to, self care is so important in hospitality, we pride ourselves on been able to offer help, support, advice and friendships 

Personal goals, well I am at an age now where I want to start a family and grow a future with the better half of me. Creating life that’s full of love and happiness. 


What is the biggest issue at the moment for women which needs to be talked more about?

Self care! I think self care is a huge topic that should be spoke about more The pressures woman face in business and day to day life is huge and it is easy to forget about self care.Health and Mental Well being for me is something that should be spoken about more. It’s ok not to be ok, it’s ok to feel uncomfortable about certain processes that woman need to go through. as women we all face challenges and should speak up about the fears. 

Seeking friendships and advice on certain feelings always help. Mindbox is an amazing company that I would always recommend.

Lady tests such as breast screening and smears something woman always put off. This is something I feel very passionate about, I wish there was more events that made women feel comfortable discussing these topics to show that everyone feels the same, yet these tests are here to help prevent illness. There is so many professionals that can support the fears and awkwardness. 


Making time to be a woman is so important, it’s so easy to say “create a work, life balance” but this is not always easy to achieve with the demands of working, building a career, taking care of families etc Feeling good on the inside makes woman glow on the outside. 

What is your favourite Manchester Girl Event and why?

All of them are fantastic and a great way to meet new people. It goes without saying that the ones hosted at Impossible are always a favourite. They are laid back, you can see friendships  blossom. I’m excited for The Speed Mating event in August, this is such a fabulous concept and I can not wait to see what comes from them.