Girls Of Manchester: Louise Sayers

NAME: Louise Sayers

JOB TITLE: Journalist and Blogger 

Louise 1.jpeg

When and Why did you make Manchester your home?

I moved here back in May 2017 after I got a job at Media City working for the BBC. The contract was only due to last for three months, but now more than two years on, I’ve secured a permanent role in here Manchester, so will be staying on for the foreseeable future. 

What makes Manchester special?

The way I see it, Manchester has a lot of the pros of London, but with less of the cons. Any day of week, there’s generally something happening, whether it’s a football or cricket match, a massive gig at the Arena or Etihad, or some kind of festival or parade. I’ve also felt the strong sense of identity Manchester has while also being very inclusive of outsiders : you can be new to the city but it doesn't long feel like part of the of the furniture. 

What drives you?

I’m constantly searching for new challenges and experiences. I get itchy feet quite quickly and so want to be constantly learning and developing. When I’m not, I just feel bored and demotivated. 

What are your dreams/ where would you like to be in 5 years?

What I love most about my job is meeting interesting people and hearing their stories. I feel very privileged to be able to give people a platform to bring the issues they care about to wider attention. In the future I’d like to be able to do this on a much bigger scale, reporting on international news stories and on world-altering events. 

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What is the biggest issue at the moment for women which needs to be talked more about?

Although enormous strides have been made in recent years and decades, I still feel there is a large extent to which misogyny and certain attitudes towards women are so accepted and normalised in society that they’ll take a very long time to unpick. The issue of equal pay is particularly relevant to my field of work at the present time. 

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What is your favourite Manchester Girl Event and why?

The events that most catch my attention are ones like the “Book Club” or the “Speed Mating combined with Gin Tasting evening”. I think it’s a really original and fun idea, where people can, not only make new friends, but bond over a common interest.

Why did you choose the location you were photographed?

I have chosen to have my pictures taken in Castlefield because it’s an area where you can visibly see Manchesters evolution from the industrial revolution, to the modern city it is today, with iconic buildings like the Beecham Tower along the skyline. I really enjoy spending time in Castlefield, whether it be running along the canal, exploring the Old Roman fortifications, or enjoying a drink in the sun at one of the bars.