Girls Of Manchester: Madeline Ellis

NAME: Madeline Ellis

JOB TITLE: Customer Service Executive

When and Why did you make Manchester your home? 

I chose to move to Manchester after completing my undergraduate degree. I did my year abroad in Birmingham U.K. I had a great year and considered the idea of staying in the U.K. to gain work experience after graduating. I chose Manchester without having visited before because my own research of the city decided that it was a great hub, had lots of events and things happening. I’m very pleased with my decision almost a year later.

What makes Manchester special?

Manchester is always alive. Walking in the city centre, I can feel the energy and life that it holds. There is never a dull moment in the city and always something to do, whether it is an art exhibition, street music, comedy show, food festival. I love how many different types of people there are. I love seeing fashionistas flaunting their looks and individuality. Wherever you come from, you’ll find your place in Manchester. 

What drives you?

Kindness. When others around me express kindness and are mindful, I feel hopeful and surrounded by positivity. The people around us have a huge impact on our lives and if we surround ourselves with positive things and positive people, the possibilities are endless. I feel motivated and ready to push forward and achieve my goals and am driven by the positivity and kindness of others. 

What are your dreams/ where would you like to be in 5 years?

As we all say, I would like to be doing something that I really enjoy and be happy in the place I am. I hope to be further along in my career in 5 years and to be continuing to pursue my passion and hobbies such as photography, boxing and hiking. I would like to expand my creative side and engage more within the local community by taking up more art and film classes.

What is the biggest issue at the moment for women which needs to be talked more about?

Women’s health is not talked about enough. It seems as though the struggles that we go through due to the natural processes we were born with are swept under the rug and ignored. The fact that there are taxes on feminine care products is a sign of how much progress we still need to make. Hopefully these issues will continue to be a topic of conversation and the push for change will influence our future generation.

What is your favourite Manchester Girl Event and why?

I really enjoy the talks. This gives a chance for people to learn about something they may or may not have known about before. For exampleI really enjoyed the mental health talk because I was able to hear different perspectives. Talks also give us an opportunity to connect with others after or before the event. It’s great because we already have something in common by being at the event and can build a deeper connection.

why did you choose the location you were photographed?

While exploring Manchester for the first time, I discovered Chapter One. Instantly I felt a sense of being at home and comfort. It made the move and transition a lot easier and became my go to place for working on my laptop, finding a flat, applying for jobs and relaxing.

It has become a standard meeting point for my friends and I where we indulge in one of the tasty cakes and have great conversation. Here I have also discovered new interests such as painting classes that are offered. Although this building may not be a historic landmark, it has provided me with warmth and welcome and will always have a special place in my heart!