Girls Of Manchester: Natasha Marie

NAME: Natasha Marie



Natasha 1.jpg

When and Why did you make Manchester your home? 

Manchester is my home because it's where I studied, all those years ago! My first experiences of Manchester was around the Hulme area. Where I lived in 2 student halls and then me and the girls from 1st year got a house together in Hulme to see out the years. So, inevitably, Hulme and Manchester would hold a special plave in my heart. All the parties, the managing of stress, new friends, broken friendships, finding love and the heartbreaks.


What makes Manchester special?

Well! I love the Proppa Manc Accent, innit blud. Wa'gwan. 

Manchester has always been diverse, but since leaving uni in 2011 I have seen it grow into a bigger city with a growing population and an infinite amount of diversity. It's definitely what I love about it, the northern Mancunian spirit welcoming all the different beautiful humans.


What drives you?

Me. My determination to show that I am me is my drive to anything. I know my limits and my potential and that is all that matters. Pushing my self to the unknown limit is my drive, because as cheesy as it may sound, anything Is possible. My anything is my unlimited limit lol


What are your dreams/ where would you like to be in 5 years?

5 years from now, I'm going to be earning over £100k pa, surfing on the coast of Hawaii. 

I'll be able to retire my parents, gift my sister's with some extra generous cash, I'll help Ocean4 with plastic clean up and generally enjoying life, however I please! Its my dream and I'm manifesting it to shit!

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What is the biggest issue at the moment for women which needs to be talked more about?

In my reality, think moving away from makeup! We all hide behind this thing. Guilty, I use mascara and eyebrow mascara but legit, that is it! Girls/women who worry about their breakouts and cover it with makeup will never see clear it healthier skin! They'll also never really learn to love themselves in their own natural makeup. 

To me, that is the biggest issue! I see so many young teenagers looking like they're in their 20s. And what I remember as a young teen, us bushy eyebrows, messed up hair, facial hair and overall bad style! 

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So, grow within your time frame and learn to grow at the right time. Don't hide behind false products, but shine through and present your all natural beauty.


What is your favourite Manchester Girl Event and why?

I admit, I haven't been to all the events but the one I love and resonates with me is the nights out. I love a drink as much as the next person but what I love more, is seeing myself and others totally letting loose, releasing all that energy.