Girls Of Manchester: Natasha Smethurst

NAME: Natasha Smethurst.

JOB TITLE: Business Analyst

When and Why did you make Manchester your home?

So I grew up in an area of greater Manchester named Bolton, and I’ve lived in other areas too such as Rossendale and bury. I lived here from birth until 18 when I went to uni in Nottingham, lived in Madrid for a year, then Leeds and also travelling round with work. I recently moved back here after 7 years as it just feels like home and I definitely feel like the city itself is just so welcoming and fun.

What makes Manchester special?

Manchester is so special because it’s multicultural which I love and also because there’s so many great places to eat! I’m definitely a foodie so a city with a great variety of restaurants definitely goes down well with me. I think the city has so much going on and it’s nice to see it’s being recognised as a hub (especially for creative industries and technology).

What drives you?

As a person the thing that drives me most is success. When I set myself a goal, I make sure it happens. I think that getting the right attitude is half of the job and so if I see a challenge-I try to embrace it and that’s what drives me. The feeling when you achieve your targets is just incredible.

What are your dreams/ where would you like to be in 5 years?

Aside from reaching the peak of my career, in the next 5 years I really want to improve my blog content and build on my blogger network groups. I get such pleasure from producing content and engaging with other bloggers who share similar interests. As Manchester has over 1000 bloggers I definitely see myself becoming even more active in creating meet-ups and events in that space (while also encouraging them to join Manchester girl!). The next 5 years are whatever I make them and I definitely intend to achieve a lot! Watch this space../


What is the biggest issue at the moment for women which needs to be talked more about?

The thing that I think needs to be addressed is the fact that most board level positions are held by men. It’s really upsetting when you see big gender gaps so I always try and keep an eye out on where I can help close those gaps and promote things like back to work schemes which help women who have had career breaks I.e women who have had children and want to get back into work.

What is your favourite Manchester Girl Event and why?

I always love the food events where I can socialise and meet others over a yummy meal. I think sitting down to eat is a great and informal way to get to know other people. I also love the other one off events what pop up like going to sit in the audience of watchdog at the bbc. It was really good fun! 


Why did you choose the location you were photographed?

I decided to pick Bridgewater Hall as this building is such a staple to the city. It’s right near to my current workplace and it’s the location of where I watched my first ever ted talk! I felt so moved and motivated when watching it and there are just so many events going on. It’s also the location of many graduation ceremonies and as someone who graduated with first class honours myself, I know first hand how special the day is. I definitely think Bridgewater Hall makes a great choice for such a big day. 

The location is excellent, it’s right by the canals and it’s just overall stunning to look at. It’s definitely an incredible feature of the city of Manchester!