Indoor Sports You Can Do When The Weather Gets Cold

It may be your first instinct to put on the warmest, cosiest jumper you have and curl up with a loaded hot chocolate as soon as the weather starts to get cold. It can be easy to forego leaving the house when the early nights means that you’re walking in the dark to that exercise class you go to once a week. 

The best way to find that motivation to get moving? Leave the gym behind and start sports! Sports Teams and even solo sports are fun, social activities which make you actually want to leave the house. 


A racket sport which can be played both indoor and outdoor, it is a perfect sport to pick up and play throughout the year. You won’t just increase your cardio by running back and forth across the court, jumping up and down, short sprinting bursts and even diving for the ball, but you will also improve your hand to eye coordination. 

This is a fun game to play with other people but you can also work on your game yourself. You only need to purchase a racket and some tennis balls to get started too, no other ‘official’ gear is needed. Search for your local tennis centre, or ask on your local City Girl Network for recommendations of where to play. 


Indoor track cycling is a great sport to take up. The bikes used on these tracks don’t have any breaks or gears so it’s great for adrenaline seekers as well as those who want a high intensity work out. The UK is great for indoor track cycling, especially Manchester which is home to the National Cycling Centre and offers taster sessions for those interested in starting out. 

If you aren’t based in an area which has a cycling centre, spinning is a great alternative. You can take classes in most gyms. These are high intensity classes which are guaranteed to get your sweat on!


Trampoline parks have sprung up all around the UK over the past few years, it may not be the first sport you think of when it comes to indoor sports but it is one you need to try out! It’s a fun, heart pumping exercise which really works your legs and is a perfect way of improving your balance and coordination. 

Look up your local centres and see if they offer adult only sessions on an evening, or go with a group of friends for a fun weekend activity. It’s the best form of exercise due to the fact that you don’t even notice your working out while your doing it!

Rock Climbing

Climbing is a physically demanding sport, and definitely a no go if you’re afraid of heights. But it is the perfect indoor sport if you’re looking for ways to push your body to the peak of its capabilities. This isn’t about stamina (although it helps) it’s about physical strength. 

It’s also a great sport that helps you work your mind as well with strategic thinking and pre-planning an important part of working out where your going to hold on too and which path you’re going to take. There are climbing centres all over the UK, including bouldering centres which is rock climbing with no ropes! 


A throwback to secondary school, where Netball was at the heart of girls P.E classes. We all had our position in the team which we preferred to play. Why not try it out as an adult? Netballs clubs are on the rise. Start off by looking for local teams and tryouts, or find a court and start your own club! 

Netball is a fun team sport, perfect for socialising as well as exercising. Strategic thinking and stamina with short sprinting bursts means you’re going to get your heart rate up. You’re going to be serving, passing, blocking and attacking for the ball, so there will be no such thing as a dull game. 

Need a sporting partner? Want to find a new opponent to take on? Or even start your very own sporting monthly event? Join your local City Girl Network!

Written by Rachael Mole