Mancunian Bloggers You Need To Follow

It’s no secret that Manchester boasts creative talent. Whether it’s the music industry, writing or content creation, some of the world’s best artists are rooted here. Blogging is an industry that’s definitely on the rise, and here are the Mancunians you need to look out for in that department.

Megan Ellaby

You may have spotted Megan on a billboard around Manchester before. Amongst other amazing brands in her portfolio, she has worked with none other than beauty giant L’Oreal on their latest hair campaign.

But what really makes her such a joy to follow is that Megan is a true Mancunian lass: Cool attitude, a sexy, croaky voice and bold, colourful style, which influenced her own, newly launched clothing line “Saturday by Megan Ellaby”. She also runs a successful YouTube channel, which is currently at 92+k subscribers.

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Alice Catherine

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Alice Catherine is “Parisian Chic”. Alice’s style is effortlessly chic, feminine and downright beautiful. Manchester Girl was lucky enough to have been featured in her blog post about being less alone in Manchester, but that’s not the only reason why we love her.

Alice addresses important topics such as female health and lets us in on her own struggles, something all of us girls should be more open about, but also takes us along on her travels, her fashion discoveries and general musings, all the while enchanting us with her gorgeous imagery and beautiful words.

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Let’s face it: Victoria is the OG Mancunian blogger, even though she now lives in London. There’s hardly a blogger out there who has nailed their own brand as well as Victoria has - with trademarked name and all!

Working with her fiancé Alex as her photographer and a whole team behind them, she constantly puts out gorgeous content, stunning imagery and beautifully edited YouTube videos. She has also recently published her debut book called The New Fashion Rules, an Amazon bestseller and extension of her PhD.
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Samio Renelda

Of course, the first thing you notice about Samio is her amazingly beautiful afro hair, which instantly makes her stand out. But there’s so much more to her than her unbelievably cool looks.

Samio’s blog sprouts a refreshing mixture of think pieces, travel posts and fashion inspiration, all the while keeping a consistent tone of voice that is instantly recognisable. Oh, and nobody does self-portraits like her!

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Sophia Rosemary

I mean, really, how can you not love that smiley face? Sophia’s blog centres around fashion, and that’s no surprise: Her style is different and experimental, and she shows us that it’s possible to mix and match pieces you might’ve previously considered incompatible. There are no boundaries when it comes to fashion and Sophia sets the best example!

First starting out on Instagram, she created her blog as an extension to chat even more in depth about the pieces she loves and her sources of inspiration. And, well, she’s a source of inspiration to her readers, too.

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Vicki Mellard

Some of the Manchester Girls have been lucky enough to actually meet Vicki at an event that she’s kindly run with us. As a PT extraordinaire, she’s all about making women feel good about themselves in a healthy, empowering way.

Having come back up North after a four-year-stint in London, she’s not only practising her passion at a gym in Altrincham but also writes a blog where she chats about fitness goals, nutrition and her upcoming wedding.

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CJ Carpenter

After taking one look at CJ’s blog and Instagram, it’s no surprise anymore that she works as a fashion blogger and stylist. Looking like a model from the 1970s, her social media channels ooze creativity and individuality.

CJ effortlessly finds the balance between rebellion and sensuality, each photo being aesthetically and visually so well done. If you’re not following her already, then this is your queue to do so immediately!

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The Unidentified Rocker

Ok, ok, we’re all about girl power here at Manchester Girl, but when we spot talent, we shout about it. And we’ve got some really talented male bloggers in Manchester, too! If you thought Rock’n’Roll was dead, think again.

The Unidentified Rocker creates a mystery by not revealing his real name, but what we do know is that he’s got impeccable taste and knows how to style any item of clothing. Often sporting things he’s grabbed from his girlfriend’s wardrobe (CJ Carpenter mentioned above - what a power couple!), TUR makes every piece his own and looks effortlessly Rock’n’Roll.

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Written by Lisa Gust.

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