Travel Must-Haves For Long Haul Flights: Hand Luggage

A long-haul flight is classed as any flight lasting between six and twelve hours, which is quite a long time to spend in one confined space. Not the most pleasant of journeys, even though you are probably super excited for your holiday. With our travel must-haves, however, you’ll breeze through even the longest of flights.

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A decent backpack

First things first: You’ll want a decent bag or backpack. We recommend a backpack as it gives you the freedom of hands-free navigation while you make your way around the airport. Backpacks like this one are particularly good if you’re also carrying tech with you, such as your laptop, tablet or camera gear.

A neck pillow

Sleeping on a plane is never comfortable, but you can now make it a tad better by getting yourself a neck pillow. It doesn’t have to be pricey, either, as long as you can either attach it to your bag/backpack or fold it up in a little pouch to stow away.

A sleeping mask

Not only does a sleeping mask shut out all the light, it also signals the flight attendants that you really don’t want to be disturbed. Pop it on, let your head sink into your pillow and off to sleep you go!

Ear plugs

The noise levels on a plane are not always kept down; kids are running around, people chat, announcements are made and the general buzzing of the engine can disrupt a much-needed snooze. Get soft foam earplugs, like these, which are reusable and come with a carry case, so you can pack them away as soon as you land.


You may plan to sleep for most of the time, but chances are that there will be times where you want to read or watch something.

For literary inspiration, check out our book reviews in the City Girl Magazine, such as:

You can also download your favourite playlists, podcasts, shows and films to keep you entertained in case the in-flight entertainment is not the greatest.


Let’s face it, plane food is not the most amazing food in the world. Although most airlines now offer options tailored to your dietary requirements, you never know when you might get hungry. Snacks can be pricey, so it’s worth stocking up on some of your favourites before boarding the plane. We love these healthy gluten free snack bars- Caramel Almond & Sea Salt by KIND- with lot’s of different flavours to choose from, they are perfect for stashing in your bag for weeks at a time!

Emergency pouch

This should live in your handbag at all times, anyway, but especially when you’re travelling for an extensive period of time, a little emergency pouch will come in handy. Think plasters, paracetamol, tablets for an upset tummy or other medication you might need, sanitary products and anything else that will help you out when you’re caught off-guard.

Refreshment pouch

Whether it’s six, eight or ten hours, you’ll feel like freshening up after a long flight. Some lip balm, a small tub of moisturiser, toothpaste and toothbrush and some anti-bacterial hand gel can do wonders after you’ve been more or less sat in the same place for ages. Don’t buy new products though- you can take your own! These refillable travel bottles are perfect for making sure you bring your home comforts with you.

You can also pack some mascara, concealer and blush in case you meet someone at the airport and do not want to look like the dry air on the plane has sucked all the life out of you (you may feel like it, but nobody needs to know that..!). Luckily, most products are under 100ml or can be bought in travel size and taken in a clear bag in your hand luggage.

Written by Lisa Gust

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