It's not easy being a young woman living in the city.

The rent is high, the wages are low, the rat race is getting faster, our friends are changing and we're trying to figure out why 'adulting' was not a lesson in school.

We want to love the city that they’ve chosen to call home, but it’s hard to find people that we can truly connect with, a collection of third places that they feel comfortable in and the secrets that make the city more than just a people trap.

Social media makes city girl life look easy. We see girls checking into fancy bars on Facebook, tweeting about their busy day and Instagramming the food, fashion and architecture. The unspoken truth, however, is that social media is built to show the best bits, not the real ones.

We don't need a show, a book, or a podcast on how hard it is to be a city girl. We need the City Girl Network.


The City Girl Network is made up of a collective of local communities within cities throughout the UK, Europe and USA. We have brought together over 20 thousand women over the past four years to make new friends and have fun in the cities they've chosen to call home.

These communities exist both offline and online - with coffee mornings, evening drinks, cinema trips, gigs, book clubs, walking groups and anything that City Girls like to do! 

Not to mention the ad-hoc hang outs that City Girls organise in our official Facebook member groups! 

We're planning world domination

Our current cities are:












San Francisco

Want to read more about our story?

Our Founder, Pippa Moyle, wrote about her decision to grow the business last year, which you can read here.


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