this november 2018, london girl will officially be brought to life.

Thousands of girls living in London will find the friends, travel companions, business connections and housemates that can help them feel more at home.

Together, we will tackle the loneliness and isolation that is growing over the city by curating a community that fully represents all London Girls. 

We're be building smaller London Girl communities, made up of the different boroughs.

One of the most isolating factors of living in London is that you can live and work far away from the people and places that you know in the city. In some ways, it's amazing to live in such a vast city, but the reality can be very different: travelling is expensive, the commute takes longer and it can be hard to find the chunk of time you need to just have a cuppa with someone.  

Whether you've lived in the city your whole life, moved here a few years back or just got the keys to your London pad yesterday, London Girl can be the guide you need to embrace life in the way that you really want to.

Imagine you're living in Ealing, working in Notting Hill and have friends across the city. With London Girl, you can get to know your neighbours over an Ealing Girl coffee on a Sunday, find the "I've had a terrible day, please meet me after work" friends at the Notting Hill Girl midweek drinks and scout out new areas to move to or find girls to go to gigs, gaming nights or dance classes within the areas that the various events are based.    

Help us create London Girl in a way that represents all women living in the city.

In the same way that we let our community managers for other cities make decisions over when, what and where their events are, we're giving London Girls as much control as possible over where their communities will be. 

Until mid-November, the London Girl Facebook Group will be a hub for gathering ideas, making decisions and collaborating with any London Girl who's passionate about bringing this umbrella community to life. 

We'll be officially launching London Girl, whatever it may look like and wherever it may begin, in mid-November in an event led by the London Girls and organised by us. 

Want to read more about London Girl? Have a read of this blog post.

There are two ways you can get involved!