Join us in our mission to help young women feel at home in their city!

The City Girl Network has helped over 20 thousand young women across 12 cities to find travel companions, housemates, new jobs and a whole new set of friends. 

We want to make this happen in cities all across the world!

So if you're living in a city, feeling like you haven't quite found your feet and don't have the network of girl friends that you need - you need a City Girl Network. 

As a volunteer for the City Girl Network you put as much or as little time as you can into your role. You will be fully supported by the City Girl Network HQ and other volunteers around you. It’s a great fulfilling way to support your city and develop your own skills for your CV- whether it’s learning how to manage events, manage a team, put together a social media strategy or build your confidence in social situations.

want to start building your network? let's chat. 

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