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Trash Talk

We need to talk about waste.

Packaging may protect our goods, but it's not protecting our planet.

Together, we want to find a better way.

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Let's stop this rubbish.

Our bins are overflowing, our recycling is lower than it was in 2013 and we're spending over £1bn a year to sort it out. We are drowning in packaging.

The powers above are making promises – 42 major international companies will make unnecessary single-use plastic packaging "a thing of the past", the government will get rid of all avoidable plastic by 2042.

But there's a key voice missing. Our voice. 

Every day, we're throwing away cardboard, plastics and a range of other materials that come with the product that we actually want. We use more food packaging per person than any other country in Europe.

Over the last few months, we've been collecting ideas from the every day consumers about how their products could be packaged differently.

"You don't have to package things twice", "I wish we were rewarded for buying loose", "I hate those flimsy plastic cups". 

These conversations are happening every day.

It's time for the next stage of Trash Talk.

Our end goal is to help the brands we like to break the mold, so they know what solutions they should invest in.

Recycling is dealing with the problem. Elimination is fixing it.

Help us define 'unnecessary' and 'avoidable' before someone else decides for us. 

Fill out our survey in the most honest possible way. It's not about being the best environmentalist in the world, it's about futureproofing your lifestyle in a way that also protects the planet – and speeding up that 24 year promise.

All Trash Talkers will also be in with a chance to win a £50 Not On The High Street voucher.

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Live in Brighton? come to our first Trash Talk event!

Join us on 15th august for an evening of Trash Talk, where we'll be discussing better ways of packaging products, what 'unnecessary packaging' means to you and how we, as a society, can reduce our packaging footprint.

Want to get more involved in Trash Talk?

1. Join a group of volunteers collecting their packaging over a week.

To help visualise our everyday contribution of packaging waste.

2. Share the packaging you view as unnecessary on social media, along with how you would improve it. We'd also love to share examples of good designs so we can champion the companies who are doing it right.

You can do this in our designated Facebook Group, and/or on your preferred social media platform using the #TrashTalk hashtag.

3. Tell your friends to fill out our survey.

The more people who back this, the more powerful we'll be.

About Clarity Environmental

This project wouldn't be possible without the loyal support of Clarity Environmental, a compassionate team helping businesses comply with environmental regulations, working with them to reduce their impact on the environment and ensuring they meet their producer responsibility obligations.

With their honest, ethical and cost efficient producer compliance schemes, it's clear that they're a good business doing good. It is their mission to help improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

Find out more about how Clarity Environmental can help your business over on their website.

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