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Trash Talk

We need to talk about waste.

Packaging may protect our goods, but it's not protecting our planet.

Together, we want to find a better way.

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Our plan to design out packaging waste.

We're asking for everyone of all ages, genders and locations to collect their packaging, identify what they view as unnecessary and share their ideas for improving the design.

This campaign is not about brand bashing. It's about inspiring positive, practical change, empowering consumers to ask for that change and supporting them in doing so.

how to get involved in trash talk

1. Join a group of volunteers collecting their packaging over a week.

To help visualise our everyday contribution of packaging waste.

2. Share the packaging you view as unnecessary on social media, along with how you would improve it. We'd also love to share examples of good designs so we can champion the companies who are doing it right.

You can do this in our designated Facebook Group, and/or on your preferred social media platform using the #TrashTalk hashtag.

Brands don't necessarily know what we want our packaging to be like - this is our opportunity to tell them.

We'll be sharing your design ideas, the carbon footprint of packaging collected by all of our volunteers in the week and the most talked-about issues across social media. 

Later in the year, we'll be putting on a panel event, helping key decision makers and designers improve the packaging that ends up in our hands.

Together, we can find fight the packaging waste problem - but first, we need a Trash Talk.

About Clarity Environmental

This project wouldn't be possible without the loyal support of Clarity Environmental, a compassionate team helping businesses comply with environmental regulations, working with them to reduce their impact on the environment and ensuring they meet their producer responsibility obligations.

With their honest, ethical and cost efficient producer compliance schemes, it's clear that they're a good business doing good. It is their mission to help improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

Find out more about how Clarity Environmental can help your business over on their website.

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