we want to give young women a platform to use their voice

The City Girl Network began as a magazine in Brighton by our founder, Pippa Moyle. Having spent 6 years as a blogger, journalist and magazine creator, she believed strongly in the power that comes from raising your voice. With that, one of her aims for Brighton Girl was to provide a platform for young women to share stories and express themselves - whether they've had experience in magazines, or not.

14 Cities later and City Girl writers from all over the world now have City Girl Magazine to share their voice.

With volunteer Editor positions available to dedicated writers, monthly content writer positions to those wanting to join the team, or one off article submissions when inspiration hits, City Girl Magazine is all about sharing your thoughts, feelings, knowledge and inspiration to the world.

How can you write for the City Girl Magazine?

1. Get in touch

Email editor@citygirlnetwork.com OR by share your details in our contact form below to express your interest in writing for us. You can also check out what specific positions we have available below!

2. You join the team

There are so many different topics that you could write about, each with their own team within our magazine working group. Once you have joined the magazine, you get to join your team!

3. You write it

With access to our Editorial Guidelines, you will pitch your idea to your editor and get writing! To get inspiration about what you would like to write, check out what we've published before on our magazine!

4. We publish it!

Volunteer Editor Positions

Digital Editor

This role is for you if you enjoy photography and want to build a competitive portfolio. Join us in the role of Volunteer Digital Editor to help City Girl Network build a photograph and image portfolio, with a wide variety of photograph themes, which can be used throughout the magazine. Help us develop a consistent brand image and see your photographs on the cover of every article.

Previous photography experience desired but not required.

This is a voluntary position for at least three months

Send your CV with five photographs to Rachael at editor@citygirlnetwork.com.

want to write for us? let's chat. 

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